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Beneficiary Disputes

Wilmington, Delaware, Beneficiary Dispute Lawyers

Many estates and trusts are administered properly and in accordance with the law. Unfortunately, situations occur where the beneficiaries do not receive their rightful inheritance due to undue influence or other breaches of fiduciary duty - either intentional or unintentional. We are experienced beneficiary litigation attorneys and can help you recover what is yours.

Contact Carucci Butler, LLC, to discuss the best options for you to collect the money, investment accounts or other assets that you are entitled to receive. We handle disputes between beneficiaries and estate executors, trustees, outside parties and other family members.

Investigating the Dispute

When helping our clients receive what is owed to them, we go beyond investigating the administration of the estate. We also look for outside influences or issues that may have contributed to your problems, such as:

  • Did an executor improperly distribute assets?
  • Was the administration of a trust fund mishandled?
  • Did a fiduciary improperly receive a personal financial gain?
  • Were insurance policy designations illegally altered?
  • Was the will suspiciously changed shortly before the creator's death?
  • Does a creditor have a stake in the property?
  • Did a trustee purposefully withhold assets from a beneficiary?
  • Is a family member preventing you from receiving your full inheritance?

Answering these questions helps determine the best way to pursue and obtain a successful outcome.

Protecting the Rights of Beneficiaries

When you come to us to resolve an inheritance dispute, we exhaust all available resources to collect the money you are owed. We will challenge improper actions of trustees, fiduciaries and executors, and will investigate any suspicious activity related to the estate or trust fund. From the beginning to end, we are aggressive advocates for your rights.

If you are seeking an experienced beneficiary litigation attorney, contact Carucci Butler, LLC, online, or call us at 302.353.1750.

Carucci Butler, LLC offers free initial consultations with the exception of domestic cases.