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Business Litigation

Wilmington, Delaware, Business Litigation Attorney

Many Delaware businesses rely on us for counsel on, and representation in, a wide range of legal matters that arise in the course of conducting business. In addition to our strong knowledge of contract law, business owners value our commonsense approach and our understanding that resolving issues through negotiation is often preferable to time-consuming, costly commercial litigation.

If you are currently planning the formation of a business, are involved in a breach of contract dispute or other lawsuit, or believe you have a legal claim against another business, please contact us for a consultation.

Lawyers Who Understand Business Needs and Priorities

We have substantial experience in all aspects of business formation, from corporations and partnerships to limited liability companies. Our thorough knowledge of business structures, transactions, obligations and liabilities makes us an excellent resource as other needs arise - including aggressively fighting for your interests in commercial litigation.

As in all our other areas of practice, we believe in listening closely and understanding your goals for your business so that we can aggressively pursue your interests and offer counsel in line with those goals. Some of our focus areas include:

  • Contract disputes of all kinds
  • Resolution of issues with delinquent or undelivered accounts receivable
  • Property disputes involving businesses or individuals
  • Partnership disputes
  • Failure to abide by an asset purchase agreement
  • Claims involving faulty workmanship, construction defects
  • Enforcement of in-state and out-of-state judgments

We would value the opportunity to meet you and discuss your formation plans, commercial litigation needs or other business law issues. Establishing a relationship with an experienced attorney provides excellent protection to you when any type of business dispute arises. Contact us, for personalized, attentive representation for your important business needs.