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Powers of Attorney & Medical Directives

Estate Planning Lawyers in New Castle County, Delaware

When it comes to planning for your own critical health care and handling of financial matters that impact your family, it is of vital importance to have a high level of confidence and comfort with your attorney.

When you contact our Wilmington office for sound legal counsel in estate planning matters, such as drafting a will and power of attorney, we take the time to listen to your objectives and gain a strong sense of your situation. While some clients enter this process with very specific goals, other clients benefit from a discussion of the range of legal options. We are well equipped to fulfill your fundamental estate planning needs and to propose creative solutions.

Documenting Your Wishes on Decision-Making and Health Care

If you are ready to draft your will and document other instructions about your future, we can recommend and produce documents that will ensure your wishes are followed. Along with a will that accurately stipulates how your assets should be passed on, and potentially a trust or other instrument for specialized asset protection, many clients choose to draft:

  • A durable power of attorney that designates who will make your financial decisions if you should become unable to manage accounts, pay bills and make other financial decisions
  • An advance health care directive — sometimes called a living will or Medical directive — to designate who will make decisions about your medical treatment if you are unable, and to specify how you want life support and other health care decisions handled if you become incapacitated by a final illness

Efficient Drafting of Essential Planning Documents

Developing these documents as part of one integrated exchange with your lawyer enables you to plan for the future and gain peace of mind as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible. Should your circumstances or wishes change, we will have established a strong relationship enabling ongoing review and efficient revisions of your power of attorney, medical directive and other essential documents.

We focus intently on our clients' needs and ask important questions they may not have considered. Please contact us to discuss developing powers of attorney, medical directives and other components of your legally sound estate plan.

Carucci Butler, LLC offers free initial consultations with the exception of domestic cases.