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Probate & Estate Administration

Wilmington, Delaware, Estate and Probate Lawyers

Many people who must complete the task of administrating a Delaware resident's estate find the probate process intimidating and stressful. If you have been named executor or administrator of an estate, we can assist you with all of the required legal processes and requirements. Please contact us for caring, dependable legal guidance and the benefit of our experience in our probate courts.

Probate Attorneys Who Will Ensure You Meet All Legal Requirements

The loss of a beloved family member is almost always overwhelming, even without the worry of dealing with unfamiliar legal processes. Almost every estate must go through the probate process, whether the deceased person left a will or not. The legal requirements are substantial, requiring such steps as:

  • Completing an inventory of all assets and their values, including real estate and personal property, within three months
  • Publishing a notice in the local newspaper, which serves as a signal for any creditors to file claims on the estate
  • Filing a full accounting of all debts, expenses, remaining assets and who will inherit them

As experienced Delaware estate planning and estate administration attorneys, we are very familiar with all these requirements and processes as well as the county offices involved in each step. We can be of great assistance in acquiring and filing all necessary information, often greatly reducing the burden on an executor and completing the process with maximum efficiency.

Protecting Your Interests When There Is No Will

It is especially important to work with a qualified lawyer if you have an interest in an estate for which there is no will. By ensuring that all steps are handled legally, with no oversights, missed deadlines or other problems, we can help protect you against any accusations of wrongdoing in administering and executing the estate. Should a dispute create the need for estate litigation, we will do everything possible to protect your interests.

We treat all estate planning, probate and estate litigation clients with compassion and the personal care they deserve. To discuss how we can ease the burden of ushering an estate through the probate process, please contact us for an initial consultation.

Carucci Butler, LLC offers free initial consultations with the exception of domestic cases.