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Wilmington, Delaware, Attorneys for Wills and Estates

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about estate planning is the drafting of a last will and testament. This is an essential step for all individuals and their families regardless of the value of assets accumulated or the age and health of the person creating the will.

If you have estate planning needs or concerns, including the desire to draft a sound will or other documents that will protect your assets, please contact us for a consultation focused on your specific needs.

Protecting Your Assets and Avoiding Family Disputes

The act of creating a will can be an excellent source of peace of mind for you because it is your assurance that your wishes will be carried out after your passing. For most people, the most important reason for creating a will is to do everything possible to protect assets and provide for loved ones. Another important factor is making sure your wishes are clear in order to avoid family misunderstandings or strife.

We have assisted many people, in a full range of circumstances, with the drafting of sound wills that make their intentions clear, straightforward and legally enforceable. Our experience includes serving the needs of:

  • Married couples and individuals looking to provide for the futures of their young children
  • Older people who have health concerns or whose financial or life circumstances have changed, creating a need for revisions to their will, trusts, health care directives or other existing estate documents
  • Individuals and families across the economic spectrum with a full range of unique estate planning needs

Drafting Wills That Account for All Contingencies

As experienced lawyers, we can assist you with all aspects of drafting and filing your will and other important estate planning documents, applying the care and personal attention you need to achieve your goals. Our experience in estate litigation and in probate is a strong asset, enabling us to anticipate and guard against any problems that could come up in executing your will. The last thing you want is for your survivors to fight amongst themselves, spending time and money in Court arguing over the terms of your estate plan and the nature of your last intentions. We will ensure that your intentions are made plain, and we will guard against the possibility that anyone will raise a challenge to your will.

Whether you need a basic will and power of attorney or you have more complex needs such as the creation of a trust or advanced tax planning, please contact us, Carucci Butler, LLC. We care about your specific needs and work hard to deliver the best available solutions with maximum cost-effectiveness for you.

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Carucci Butler, LLC offers free initial consultations with the exception of domestic cases.