Probate Disputes and Estate Litigation

While litigation is never pleasant, it's sometimes necessary or unavoidable.

In the context of probating an estate, there are a number of things that may happen that damage the interests of heirs and beneficiaries. Often, the only way to resolve these issues is to bring them before a judge. If you believe you have been treated unfairly or that fraudulent or illegal actions took place in administering or probating an estate, contact the law office of Matthew M. Carucci.

Why Estate Litigation Might Be Necessary for You

A number of things can occur that would signify a problem with a will, a trust, or the process of probating an estate.

  • A trusted caretaker or a family member may have used undue influence to get the now-deceased person to change his or her will
  • The deceased person may have been mentally incompetent at the time he or she wrote a will
  • Someone may have unlawfully transferred assets from the estate of the deceased person to him or herself
  • A will may have been vague or incomplete, leading to questions about the distribution of assets
  • A creditor may bring a claim against the estate or executor for failing to pay outstanding debts in the probate process
  • The estate itself may have a claim against a debtor or may need to prove that the claim of a debtor is not legitimate
  • A surviving spouse may dispute elective shares or statutory shares that the spouse was supposed to receive
  • In the context of a family-owned business, there may be a question of who should run the business

Families come to my Wilmington law office when they need help getting the assets they deserve from an estate, or when they suspect that illegal actions have occurred. As your probate attorney, I will fight to protect your interests as a beneficiary, a creditor, or a representative of an estate.

Contact me for a free initial consultation. Learn more about how an attorney can help you in your fight for just and fair treatment.

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