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The Whole Family in a Family Law case--with a Twist!

We are a family law firm-- including within our family.  The firm was, as you may know, founded by my brother's and my parents decades ago. And my son is now a lawyer inthe firm--a third generation Raggio.  So we're Family...in Family Law...


But we've found a case where  a couple's son--a lawyer--was allowed to represent his father against his mother in the divorce!


 In Reno, Nevada, Marie Liapis filed for divorce from her husband Theodore.  And Theodore hired THEIR SON Mark to represent him.  Marie didn't like that and asked the trial court to disqualify Mark, which it did.  But, according to the ABA Journal, the Supreme Court of Nevada disagreed, ruling that Mark could represent his father against his mother.


Talk about frosty conversation at the family gathering for Thankgiving!


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