Maryland General Civil Litigation

This area for the practice of law has become very complicated. You have the District Court which is a State Court handling most claims up to $25,000.00, then you have the Circuit Court handling all State law cases in excess of $25,000.00. The Federal District Court for the District of Maryland handles all claims arising under federal law or cases where the Plaintiffs are not residents of the State of Maryland.

In addition to these Courts for handling suits at trial, there is a growing areas where issues are required to be submitted, tried and often resolve in arbitration, mediation or other "Alternative Dispute Resolution" settings. It is critical to both your case and to your expenses that your lawyer explains the different routes you can follow to resolve the issues you have.

Litigation is always expensive, but selecting the wrong arena to resolve your dispute can increase your costs unnecessarily and may result in having to litigate the issues more than once.

The Attorneys at Bell, Ragland & Gauges, P.A. have experience handling cases in the federal and State Courts of Maryland and have participated or conducted mediation and/or settlement conferences to avoid unnecessary trials and reduce the time and expenses involved with litigation.

Bell, Ragland & Gauges, P.A. believes that each client's case needs to be evaluated on its own merits and a strategy developed to afford our Clients the best chance for success in the shortest period of time and with the least amount of expenses and attorney's fees. Our initial interviews, case development and methods of litigation are selected to provide the Client with full protection of their best interests.

Once you are ready, please contact us for more information about how our Maryland civil litigation attorneys can help We can be reached at 410 267 5944 or via the web through our online form.

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