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Our experienced Maryland family lawyers understand the complexities of Maryland family laws on the issues of divorce, child custody, child support, domestic violence, alimony, property distribution , pension rights and more. Please review the information below to determine whether your case fits into one of these areas. Once you are ready, please contact us for more information about how our Maryland family law attorneys can help We can be reached at 410 267 5944 or via the web through our online form.

Adoption is the process of creating a new family. Once the Adoption decree is entered the records will be sealed and a new Birth Certificate will be issued declaring that the child 's parent(s) are those named in the Adoption Decree. (Use Hanging paragraph on all titled paragraphs)

Mediation/Litigation are alternative means of resolving issues in a divorce or a custody of support dispute. In many situations the parties do better through mediation to achieve an acceptable outcome then when they file suit and a Court makes the ultimate decision for them. Whether the parties need to mediate or litigate requires a careful analysis of the goals of each
party, their ability to recognize their own best interest and their ability to deal with one another.

Custody is the issue of who cares for the minor children. Minor Children and automatically in the joint custody of both natural parents. Sometimes when the parties are living separate and apart the joint legal custody needs to be modified. There can be joint legal custody or sole legal custody
where only one parent has the final say in the care, control and management of the child. There can be a decision that joint legal custody will continue but one parent shall have the principle care of the minor child while the other parent only has visitation with the child. These issues are based on what is in the best interest of the minor child.

Divorce is the termination of a marriage. There is a Limited Divorce which means the parties are still married but do not have to live together or grant conjugal rights. An Absolute Divorce means the parties are no longer married and may date who they wish and may re-marry as if they had never been married.

Guardianship is the appointment of a caretaker. You can have the guardianship of the person where someone makes all of the decisions on caring for the person. You can have a guardianship of the property where the decisions are made as to the persons property but not their person. If a minor where to inherit from their grandparent, they natural parents would continue to have their custody (guardianship of the person) while someone else could be appointed a guardian of the property they have inherited.

Usually when someone is incapable of taking care of themselves due to their youth or the lack of mental and/or physical abilities a guardian is appointed for their person and/or their property unless there is a Durable Power of Attorney in effect which makes it unnecessary to have the Court
make such an appointment.

Juvenile Causes includes a number of actions involving children under the age of Eighteen (18.) There is a Delinquency case which would be a criminal case if the person had been over eighteen when they committed the act. There is a CINA (Child In Need of Assistance) where the child is being neglected or abused.

Separation is an agreement between a husband and wife that have decided to no longer live together. It eliminates any claims of desertion or abandonment and allows the parties to resolve the issues that will be decided if and when a divorce matter is presented to the Court.

Support is the determination of how much must be paid to sustain a minor child, a disabled adult child or a disabled parent. The amount due is based on the income of the parties and the best interest of the person being supported.


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