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For most people their home is their greatest investment, their biggest monthly expense and their most precious property. There are many areas of concern with real property and ignorance is your greatest danger.

Boundary disputes arise many ways. Your neighbor put up a fence and now they say they own the property inside their fence even though their fence is inside your boundaries. Some times propertyis not inside of a subdivision and without a plat the description of two adjoining parcels may over lap.

Buying and selling property is a very serious and very complicated matter. Few people realize that the Title Company, the Settlement Attorney and in many cases even the real estate broker may not have any duty to protect their interests. Often Title Companies and Settlement Attorneys "represent" on the lender or the contract itself and not the private interests of either the Buyer or the Seller.

Condominiums are a popular form of ownership. But the rights of unit owners is subject to the rights of the Condominium Regime and you need to know what you can and can not control and what duties and expenses you are required to give to the Condominium Regime.

Deeds come in many shapes and sizes. They may have a "Special Warranty" which means the Seller is only saying THEY have done nothing to hurt the title to the property. A Deed with a "General Warranty" says the Seller is guaranteeing that they do have good title and will defend that title even after settlement. A Quit Claim deed simply says that you will receive whatever the Seller has to give - even if that means the Seller had no interest and therefore you get nothing.

Easements are the right to do something on the property of another. Whether it is an easement to cross the land of another or just an easement preventing the obstruction of the view, they must be carefully prepared and interpreted to insured the intentions of the parties is clear. Rights of ways are specific forms of easements and the duties of all parties need to be carefully defined.

Financing is always a major concern. What is the difference between a mortgage and a deed of trust? What about a second mortgage or a reverse mortgage. What is a due on sale clause. Can putting my son's name of the title to my house cause my bank to foreclose on my mortgage? Changing the financing on your property, or changing who is on the title to your property may have many effects beyond the issue you are trying to address. Doing it in isolation without proper information and guidance and cause trajic consequences.

Home Owners Associations may control what you can do with your property. The some times have the ability to assess significant fees and charges against you for the purpose of maintaining the common areas. These Associations frequently have the right to make rules and regulations that
can have a profound effect on you and how you use your property and the public areas of the subdivision.

Leases may be for residential or for commercial purposes. Residential leases are subject to many laws and regulations. Commercial leases often have very severe terms that may or may not be common in commercial settings.

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