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When you look at the depth of the comments and the range of both years and of types of cases, it might give you some feeling for what we do, and how some of our clients have felt about it.. The following are comments received from former clients and are used with permission, and comply with the filing requirements of the Advertising Review Department of the State Bar of Texas.

  • Ken, third time’s the charm! I filed for divorce from my husband three times – the first with your mother, Louise Raggio, almost 20 years ago. Two of the divorce actions were dismissed before I had the courage to continue to finalize a divorce. You superbly handled my husband’s attempts, as well as that of his lawyers, to try to control and bully me in the process. Your skill led to my receiving property in the divorce that will more than support me – and whatever charities or relatives I wish to support – for the rest of my life.My life "IS WHAT IT IS" today because you stuck with me. A simple thanks will never be enough. J.S.
  • Dearest Ken, Thank you endlessly for taking such fine care of me in my divorce. You were right about everything! [My ex-husband] is closer to the children than he has ever been – and [my children] are richer and happier for that. And I do not think I have ever been so happy. Thank you, Sir. Most Sincerely, M.N.
  • Life came to an unexpected turning point, when I filed for a modification in child support. With a personal touch, Julie guided me through what turned into a complex, emotional, and stressful legal issue. It is not that common to find someone who is caring, and shows great compassion for what they do, and Julie was just that. She was so great to work with, and was always there when I called. Julie provided good counsel in a very difficult situation. Julie’s goal was to make sure I was content with the outcome of the case, and also what was in the best interest of my son. I truly felt like she had a personal interest in the results of my situation. Julie did her best to help me through a difficult process, achieving the best possible outcome. My son is doing well and excelling in all aspects, although he does miss his dad at times. Julie is a rare commodity. I can truly say that I consider Julie more than my attorney, I consider her an everlasting friend. I would highly recommend Julie to anyone that has to go through a divorce or modification regarding their child. Blessed, G.A.J.
  • Mr. Raggio: It has been 25 years since the divorce where you represented me. Even after 25 years, I still thank you for the professionalism, skill, and kindness with which you handled my case. In many ways, I was a “basket case” at the time of my divorce, but your skill navigated me through the process, and helped speed my recovery from the divorce. I still thank you for all that you did for me. L.F.
  • I was extremely happy with the services that I received at Raggio & Raggio. Their expertise and experience were invaluable in helping me navigate through a difficult time in my life. I would and have recommended this firm to anyone in need of family law services. L.
  • Tom Raggio helped me through a very difficult time in my life with a painful divorce. He insisted that we handle the matter in a dignified manner although it was an undignified process. He explained that I would have to live with the consequences forever; and that he would give his advice which was always reasoned, measured and with a long term perspective. R.B., COO
  • Tom helped me through the most horrible period of my life. We very much tried to settle my divorce case, both property and custody, but my spouse and/or her attorney had unreasonable demands which bordered on blackmail. We ended up trying the case for two days and I now have full custody of my two daughters. I will be forever grateful. F.C.
  •  Dearest Mr. Raggio, As the 2nd anniversary of my divorce arrives, I find my heart filled with gratitude for you and all your brilliance. My children and I are incredibly happy and peaceful these days and thanks to your wisdom, [the children’s dad} has devoted his time to becoming a wonderful, responsible father. Words cannot convey how thankful I am to you. Most Sincerely, Martha N
  • I had another leading lawyer represent me in my collaborative divorce action in Collin County. There were some loose ends from that divorce agreement and my former spouse sued me. Ken Raggio was able to come in and analyze the situation, and then he took immediate, effective steps to get the dispute resolved without anybody having to go to court. I am grateful for his quick, efficient, effective, and decisive actions. Dr. S.B., M.D.
  • Thank you for being in my corner & protecting my interests & that of my children through the divorce process. I can’t thank you enough for your hard word, diligence & tenacity throughout the duration of my case. You’re truly the best! D.W.
  • It is a privilege to write this letter to let you know how grateful I am for Barbara Van Duyne and her amazing work. I first became Barbara’s client three years ago. I brought to Barbara an extremely complicated and challenging case. Barbara took on my case with a passion and energy that is unparalleled. Barbara has worked tirelessly on my behalf and the results have been invaluable. Because of Barbara’s thorough preparation and keen instincts, we have prevailed in multiple court hearings. Barbara’s expert representation has achieved the protection of my children’s interests through the family law courts. Worked alone cannot express my gratitude for this protection and whit it has meant to my son’s physical and emotional well-being.

    I would recommend Barbara Van Duyne to my family, friends and associates because I know she will represent them with the same energy and care that she would one of her own family members. C.H.
  • I just wanted to take a minute to thank you, your firm and especially Barbara Van Duyne for helping me get through probably one of the hardest things a person will ever have to go through.

    My goal was to exit an unhealthy marriage in a manner that was best for my children and in such a way that I would have no regrets for my behavior during this process. I hoped to do this as quickly and painlessly as possible so as not to scar my kids, myself or my ex-spouse any more than necessary. I did not want to have to answer years down the road to my children for anything that would seem unjust. Not only did I feel confidence in Barbara’s knowledge of the law through this first meeting, I was impressed by her character and class. I knew that she was someone who would fight to make sure that my children and I had what was fair and just under the law, and she would never do anything that I would have to apologize for down the road.

    This battle lasted for over a year. Through it all Barbara remained true to character and she kept me true to my goals. If we were going to be dragged through this, we would not lose sight of what was right. She was well-prepared, patient and insightful. She always knew the questions to ask and, at the heart of everything, she knew what was most important. I learned to trust her with everything. Through all the ups and downs that this journey entailed, I never once doubted her ability, support, character or her determination to see this through til the end.

    Ultimately she gave me and my children our life back. She took a horrible situation and turned it into something positive and in such a way that I will always be able to hold my head up high. Words cannot express what she has done for my children and me. I will always count her and this firm as a true blessing in my life.

    I would recommend Barbara and this firm to anyone who asks and I am grateful beyond measure for what she and Raggio and Raggio have done for my family and me. K.A. 

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